10% of revenue donated to "Protect our Defenders" to help military sexual assault survivors


About My Brand

Vision: I want to spread awareness on the ongoing rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment that military service members go through. I want to build a community that speaks up, stands up and supports one another. 

Mission: Our company seeks to provide good quality jewelry and activewear that stands out to the world. We provide affordable good quality jewelry and activewear that helps you feel more confident in your own skin. Our jewelry are gold plated, non-tarnish, non-allergenic, and water resistant great for those who keep their jewelry on while working out and in the shower. We aim to continue to grow as a company in order to help more people. We continue to donate 10% of our revenue to "Protect Our Defenders" organization to help military rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment survivors.

6 traits of a woman who ROARS:

Powerful, Confident, Daring, Ambitious, Bold, Resilient.

I wanted to embody what my brand represents to me which is a powerful, confident, daring, ambitious, bold and resilient individual who most importantly feels confident in her own skin. I used to wear a lot of jewelry to divert the attention away from my insecurities. I no longer want to use jewelry as a way to mask myself but to add to my true natural beauty. To me, a woman who roars is one who is not afraid to speak up and stand out regardless of the situation. A woman who roars will be heard even from 5 miles away just like a lion's roar. No more of being quiet , insecure and staying behind everybody else. Show them how strong you really are. You're a boss so STAND OUT, BE LOUD, BE PROUD and LET'S ROAR together!

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Customer reviews


I love the quality of the jewelry for the price! ​​​​


I got my order right away and packaging was super cute.


Love the cause and the brand representation. Please keep it up!​​​​


Good quality for the price and the jewelry does not fade even after I shower with it on for months. Will definitely keep purchasing.

Raven Crewneck