About Us


Vision: Spread awareness on the ongoing rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment that military service members go through. To build a community that speaks up, stands up for and supports SA survivors.


Mission: Our company provides great quality gold plated stainless steel jewelry and activewear that help you feel more confident in your own skin. Most of our jewelry are gold plated, stainless steel, long lasting, and hypoallergenic. We aim to continue to grow as a company in order to help more people. We continue to donate 10% of our revenue to "Protect Our Defenders" organization to help military rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment survivors.


6 traits of a person who ROARS:

Powerful, Confident, Daring, Ambitious, Bold, Resilient.

To me, a person who roars is one who is not afraid to speak up and stand up for themselves and others regardless of the situation. Those who roar will be heard as far as 5 miles away just like a lion's roar. Join me to speak up, stand up, and support SA survivors. LET'S ROAR!



Llana Rojas


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